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My name is Kevin Killman my father served in the Navy from Jan 1955 to June 1958 and was a part of this ship.  His name is Hosea P. Killman and he is still living. He lives in Springdale, AR and is not in the best of health. We were visiting him in June of this year and he, for the first time told me all about his time in the service. I served for 20 years myself, in the Army, and it was an honor to finally get to hear some of his stories. I wish I could have found some pictures of him on the website, but was not able.  He will be excited that I was able to print some pictures for him, as all of his pictures were lost. Thank you and God Bless

Hosea P. and Betty A. Killman

1804 Patti Ave., Springdale, AR 72762

Home Phone #: (479) 751-7807 Cell Phone # (479) 202-2030


Just a short note to ask if My Brother Eldon Irby could have his current  Phone Number and address posted on the web site for our old shipmates to contact him. He is confined to a care home in Lubbock Texas. He has lost his wife and only son in death, and he is a cripple in a wheel chair. His Phone number is 1-806-791-5851 at the Tanglewood Village Care Home. A member of the staff will answer, just ask for "Eldon Irby" His address is 5501 34th Street, Lubbock Texas 79407. He could use some encouragement. Thanks much if you are able to do this.....

Best wishes to you and yours  Wayland Irby