At Sea pg 1

LST-1090 underway showing the mast with the

 US Flag and ship's call letters.

1090026.jpg (128233 bytes)
This is of the LST 836 in convoy with us in the Pacific. 
We possibly could be returning to the States after West PAC

1090027.jpg (145530 bytes)
LST 836 in convoy


1090028.jpg (114476 bytes)
This is LST 1101 traveling in convoy off the coast of Japan 
You can see the snow capped Mount Fuji in the background

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LST 836 in Convoy

1090030.jpg (152570 bytes)
LST 1101 in Convoy

1090031.jpg (128887 bytes)
LST 836 in convoy


lst1101.jpg (10548 bytes)

"The 1101 taken from the deck of the LST 822. by Warren Ward DC2.

It was 1951 and we were in Convoy to Japan or Korea.