At Sea pg 2

1090033.jpg (109084 bytes)

LST 1090 with equipment during rough seas

1090035.jpg (126586 bytes)
More rough seas for the 1090

1090034.jpg (107181 bytes)
Spray coming over the bow during rough seas

1090037.jpg (153916 bytes)
Here we are nested up with another LST but I do not know
the number. We are both loaded with Marines and equipment
getting ready to leave for Hawaii.

1090036.jpg (169942 bytes)
This is looking down on the main deck from the
bridge of the 1090. We were in the Far East . 
Looks like they are putting a fresh coat 
of paint on the main deck.

1090001.jpg (152106 bytes)
A transfer at sea of a crew member from one of the
other LST's in the convoy who was sick or injured.
I cannot determine what his ship's number is or the location
and date. Since we had the flag doctor on board the 1090,
he was being transferred to us for treatment.
Something tells me that he had appendicitis.

1090043.jpg (119649 bytes)
Sunset over the Pacific.