At Sea pg 3

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Sunset over the Pacific

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This is of Diamond Head up from Waikiki 

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This is of Ford Island as we were coming into Pearl

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Full Moon through the Galley porthole
somewhere out in the Pacific

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Master at Arms
They sure were hard up but someone had to do it and it was not my
choice that's for sure. Especially since we had just come in from
Japan and had to turn right around and go back to Korea.
I recall that we had sent in a bunch of requisitions for fresh food and
supplies and I had to stay aboard as they were going to deliver it to
the dock and I had to receive it and check it in

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Pearl Harbor Naval Station as we were coming in to dock

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Thinking of Home
Have you ever sat on the main deck at night by yourself 
a little lonely with home on your mind and felt the
tear drop on your cheek? I have...