Beer Party's


On Koje-do Korea


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Coker at bat

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Opening a Schlitz

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Guzzling a Schlitz


On an Island in Korea


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In the boat left to right is Sanchez, Zeke Ellis and T. V. Rogers.

I can't id the ones standing.  Another Korean passerby stops for a beer.


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Can't id the standing mate. But sitting left to right is C. E. Warren,

can't id the next one, then Ray Owen, Roy Hill (Oakie),

Marshall Gilliam and I. C. Johnson.


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Ray Owen with a Moo-See-May and he had taken her up in the hills.


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Two Korean women passing by with hay carried on their heads.


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The Korean is a farmer that came by while we were having a party.

Looks like he likes Schlitz.  I titled it " Pa Pa San at beach beer party

in Korea.  Looks like he likes the Schlitz beer that the crew had."


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Zeke Ellis at the beer party.

He talked Pa Pa San out of his back pack.


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T. V. Rogers
That looks like an old Plymouth sedan in the background. 
Some officers did take their cars with them.


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Grady Peek

Beer Party, Hialeah, Korea

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Beer Party, Yokosuka, Japan

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Mr. O'Neil and John Handte 

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John Handte and Thomas Victory

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Yokosuka Harbor entrance at Left

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Aircraft Carrier USS Philippine Sea, Yokosuka, Japan