I went aboard 1090 in October 1950 with another fireman named Clifford R. Cooper at Bremerton Washington.  

We were aboard when she was recommissioned.

We went to Long Beach to take on supplies.  We left Long Beach on what we in the engine room thought was another shake down cruise with three civilian shipyard works aboard but on the third or fourth day out a helicopter landed on the main deck and took the civilians off and we went on to Pearl Harbor.  The main reason I remember that was that most of the guys in the black gang smoked but no one had stocked up on cigarettes.  If anyone had a smoke, we all lined up for butts. It was a long trip to Pearl.

We were so short handed we were on port & starboard watches and those 4 hour watches really came around fast.  I don't think we had enough crew to go to a 3 section watch until we returned to Japan from our first trip to Korea.

I also remember exercises off San Clemente Island with a U.D.T. Unit.  They brought up abalone that we cooked in the engine room.  Sure was good eating.

Wilson H. (Nelson) Teague