Chinese Destroyer DE 29

1090040.jpg (149816 bytes)
This is an old American Destroyer Escort that was turned over to the Chinese Navy,
Republic of China. It had been in action in Korea and was back in Yokosuka or
Sasebo for repairs where it was shot up pretty bad. It was tied up to the
same dock that we were tied up to and I took the pictures. Note the repairs being
done where it was shot up. Note the life boat in the davit how it is shot up.
You can see the patches all along the starboard side where it was hit.

1090041.jpg (138583 bytes)
The DE 29 being repaired from the hits that it took. 
You can see the small boat in the davit better.

1090041a.jpg (145020 bytes)
This is another picture of the Chinese DE 29 that was tied up to the pier 
next to us. I guess that I was trying to get a close-up of the flag.