LST 1090

Shipmates WWII

1945 - 1946

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W. C. Bertram, Roy Hockett

Roy Hockett (standing) and W. C. Bertram, Yeoman,


 R. F. “Harry” O'Shaughnessy In black shirt & right photo

He was the original crew and one time he flew into

Pittsburgh airport and I picked him up and drove him to my place

In eastern ohio and we drove thru Ambridge, PA which was where the ship

Was built and he told me the story of picking it up there and sailing it overseas..

I think he served 44-45. 

By Steve O'Shaughnessy


Donald B.MacLean

Donald B. MacLean


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Frank Joseph Murphy S1c

Okinawa, 1945


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J E Puckett & R E Gilbert


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John R Chapman S2C


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John F. McLaughlin's ID Card


Thanks to Peter McLaughlin son of 

John F. McLaughlin, Ensign Communications Officer 1945


John M. Giles II

John M. Giles II

The following pictures with giles_xxx.jpg are from the records of John M. Giles II 

and  provided by his son Master Chief John M. Giles III, USN Retired.


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W. C. Bertrum

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Walter L. Scoble

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Captain Bly

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Mac & Durfee


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Michael Palumbo


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John Giles in Sasebo


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John Giles 2nd from left


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John Giles, ?, and Mike Palumbo


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James Russell Judy


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James Judy, John Giles, Gramm


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Mac with monkey


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Palumbo & John Giles at Layte


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Ryan, Corrado, Giles, Gramm


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Kenneth Tisci & Vernon Dale Schuitz