LST 1090

Shipmates WWII

1945 - 1946


Thanks to John J. Durfey, M.D.

Son of the late John R. Durfey

Warren Heiman, John R. Durfey, ??, LTJG Ralph Hostetler, Jack MacLaughlin

Hello, John,
Excellent photo. My father is second from the right. His insignia is that of a 2nd Lt. j.g. (junior grade) -- a bar and a half. Your father and the others are Ensigns - single bar. This photo was taken after the ship made San Diego returning from Sasebo, Japan, so it was taken after their arrival on Jan. 29, 1946. By this point the Captain and Executive Officer had been discharged. My father was second in command. When the ship transited to San Francisco the commanding officer, 1st Lt. Don McElroy was discharged and my Dad was captain for the run to mothballing near Vancouver, Washington. The officer on the far left is Warren Heiman, a Supernumery. If the officer on the far right went by 'Mac' it's likely Jack MacLaughlin, Communications Officer. I'll do a Photoshop enlargement of the Crew photo which has some of the other officers identified and let you know who I think one in the center is.
Brent Hostetler