Shipmates Page 2

1956 to 1960

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Grant Barbor, boot camp in San Diego, September of 1959.


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Two mates of mine, Duncan on the left and Hurst on the right.  I cannot remember their first names. Taken somewhere at sea between Japan and our return to San Diego.


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Hurst on the left and Grant Barber on the right, starboard bow.


By Carr Lee Durden

I believe 3rd from the right is RMSN Nickerson(sic), 4th from the left is myself (Carr Durden)   as a RMSN and on the bottom row kneeling 2nd from the right is SM3 Hutchingson(sic). The ship's softball team. I don't remember where the picture was taken, but it may have been overseas because the uniforms are winter.


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A full length view of the Russell County taken around April of 1960 while on her last tour of duty. I am not sure where we were docked in this photo.  I believe it was in San Diego upon our return from Japan and just prior to sailing up the West Coast to Astoria, Oregon where she was de commissioned. 


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A shot of one of the LCVPs and the Captains Gig on the boat davits next to the bridge.


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Same shot as above with the camera held horizontal.


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The bow with the twin fortys on the main deck.