Shipmates Page 6

1956 to 1960

Thanks to Arley Rodberg


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Arley Rodberg


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Bailey, Eichhorn, Lich


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Gleason, Archuleta, and Rodberg.


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Archuleta and Eichorn on liberty in Japan - 1957


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Gleason, Archuleta, Felix Guerra and Norberto Mancias

On the beach at Sea Side, Oregon.


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Gleason & Paul sunning during noon hour in Yokosuka, Japan.


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Wayland Irby, Robert S. Fariey and Lichnerouwicz

Fariey has the phones on

Taken while on watch in Gun Mount 48


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John R. Lang Jr. EN3 and of Douokousky FN

Taken on March 27, 1957 off of the Philippine Islands.


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Joe Nicosia EN3 & Roy W. Shoults ME3 and James N. Mathis FN in the background

"Coffee Time"  March 26, 1957


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Puckett, Arley Rodberg, Eichorn, Archuleta and Bailey.


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 Paul, Archuleta, Gleason, Murphy and D. G. Johnson

In Hawaii on 2/17/57


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Shoemaker trying to get a letter written before the mail man leaves with the mail.

March 26, 1957 in the Philippines.


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Shoemaker on his last few minutes on the ship.  March 28, 1957