Shipmates Page 1

Ray Owen
Ray Owen Holding the life ring that was on the
ships quarterdeck.
"USS LST 1090 Queen of the Fleet"

Bill Hagwood
Bill Hagwood On the Signal Bridge

Bill Hagwood

Bill Hagwood somewhere off the coast of 

Japan or Korea in 1952 or 1953

The LST 1101 is in the background

John Nida
John Nida On liberty 1954

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Some Shipmates enjoying their off duty time.

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The fantail watch, (l-r) Robert E. Lee Hough, 
James N. Conklin and Jackie R. Hensley.

Jim Normand
James E. Normand, BM3 

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Bill Hagwood, Zeke Ellis, Ron Coker
Zeke's real name was Zeola and I think that he broke the record
for the most times AOL on the ship. I think that he was busted
down from third class to SN three times while I was on board.
He was one of the stewards

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Eugene "Pops" North the lead cook with C E Warren BM1.

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John Nida
This didn't seem so bad at the time but I don't know if
I could go with the racks three deep as they were.
This was taken in the aft crews quarters of the deck division.