Shipmates Page 11


crew21.jpg (19130 bytes)

left to right Robert (Bob) Bisha, RMSN; then there is Eugene Ruth,

 ETSN; and James G. Walthall, RM3 standing off of the bow of the ship.


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James G. Walthall, RM3 leaning on Bob Bisha, RMSN

and I think the other mate is Everett W. Paul, RD3.


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E. Chavez, SK3  

The jeep is the ship's jeep that we carried aboard.


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Jim Normand is in the middle with his head down.

  Cannot ID the guy looking at me taking the picture


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looks like J. D. Kuper standing and I can't ID the mate leaning over.

That is the USNS LST-807 beside the 1090.


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Aft living quarters "JD Kuper" At the Helm


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Ray Owen & ??


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Rex Hale


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??                     ??