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1950 to 1954


Nelson Teague Nelson Teague

Wilson (Nelson) Teague

A side story for the difference in his name. 

His given name at birth was Nelson Henry Teague.  He joined the Navy at 17.  He did not have a birth certificate so his mother had to sign an affidavit as to his name & birth date.  Her Nelson was interpreted As Wilson.  He didn't discover the error right away.  When he took it to authorities, they pretty much told him that is your name & wouldn't make the change.  The Navy had a birth certificate made & all his records now have Wilson.  So he is now Wilson (Nelson) Henry Teague.  All his close friends would have known him as Nelson or Teague.


Wilson Teague & Henry Mc Queen

Smoke Break

Wilson Teague & 

Henry Mc Queen

 George Armstrong, 

Ron Kimbler, 

Bob Gannon 


Ron Kimbler & Robert Gannon

Ron Kimbler & 

Robert Gannon 


Paul O'Hearn

 Paul O'Hearn 


Paul V. Holzman

Paul Holzman  

S. Jakubowskie ENC

  Jakubowskie ENC


George E. Armstrong & Murray A. Warren

Padgett & Teague

 George E. Armstrong 

 & Murray A. Warren 

Tom "Yodeling Tom" Padgett

& Wilson Teague


Ed Miles

Armendariz & Sylvia

Edgar Miles

 Carlos Armendariz

 & Edwin Sylvia

Inchon Korea 1951


Holzman & McQueen

Brannon & McQueen

Paul Holzman

& Bill McQueen 

The "Cajuns"

Henry Brannon

 & Bill McQueen


Teague, McQueen, Harris

 1953 - the Sack Hounds 

Wilson Teague, Henry McQueen

& Ivan H. Harris


Teague, Cooper, Morrison

Liberty in Sasebo Japan

Wilson Teague, Clifford Cooper

Jerry Morrison (standing)