Shipmates Page 17

1950 to 1955

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Inchon, Korea January 1955,  From left to right Eldon Irby and Mullen

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Eldon Irby & ??

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Eldon Irby

We were leaving Korea February 1955 heading for home, we thought but when we got to Pearl we got orders to head back to Korea and pick up Marines and return them to Pearl.

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Wayland taken while on liberty in Yokosuka in September 1957


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Lt to Rt is Lich, Wayland, Doug Moore, ?? the guy with the radio was a yoeman

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Eldon Irby

Korea February 1955.  Single 40 MM gun tub

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Deck Div. Gang on Liberty in Yokosuka, 

Dec. 1954. 

Lt to Rt, Nelson, Barnes, Hughs, ?? and Chambers

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Pearl Harbor in Feb. 1955  L to R Waylan Irby, BMSN; "Robin" BM3 & ??


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Underway to Sasebo, Japan in July 1957. Taken on starboard side looking aft.  Wayland  tells me that it is of "Lich" and he was a good friend in the Deck Div.  Also said that was Ens. Leyland and he had just made LTJG  who is the officer standing on the fan tail

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Chief BM Verbal & 2 class BM Rupper. Al Valente, BM 2 is rigging a highline off the stern gun mount.  They were transferring movies to LST 1101 in the Summer of 1957

Wayland Irby

Wayland Irby 

January 1955

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Underway to Korea in March of 1955


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Rickton on board with marines in transit to Hawaii in early 1955.  Irby on the left

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Inchon Korea

The 1090 beached alongside a So. Korean Old LST.  Note that there is no forward gun tub on the Korean LST

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Beached at Inchon, Korea.  That's Ens. Jim Neyland, Deck & Gunnery Officer standing at the Bow doors.

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Two shipmates walking down the street in Sasebo Japan Hume on left of  James B. Byrns.


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LST 1101 coming alongside

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LST 1101 alongside.

We were rigging a highline.

See line in the stern wash?