Shipmates Page 18

1950 to 1955

Thanks to Grady Peek


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Grady Peek

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Grady Peek and Jim Normand taken in the aft crews quarters

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Front is Gilbert Duckworth Byrd, 

James R. Calvert.

Second row ??
Third row is Grady Peek, ??, Eugene E. Goehner, SKG2


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Bob Henderson, Grady Peek, 

Ray B. Harrell,

?? Third class PO


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Standing is Grady Peek, laying down is Glenn L. Robinson, covered in sand to his head is Jim Normand.

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Lowering one of the LCVPs while underway.  I cannot identify the boat crew but I think the one at the stern cable is 

Jim Normand

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Beached at Koje Do, Korea on April 21, 1953 for Operation Little Switch. waiting on a load of prisoners

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Helicopter sitting on the ship's deck.  I don't know whether it has just landed or getting ready to take off.


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LST 1101 beached offloading vehicles.

LST 1090 along side

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LST 1096 docked along side the 1090