Shipmates Page 2

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Thomas Webber & Glenn Marshall. 
Standing quarterdeck watch.

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This picture was taken of a supply detail. I don't know the year 
or where we were but I note that the life rafts were mounted along
the port side. Best that I remember is that they were moved to the
bow and mounted over the forwarded hatches in Long Beach in 1952.
(l-r) ?, Jackie R Hensely, Clyde Lemmons William C. Hagwood & ?.
Note that the gig is in the forward port davit

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Bob Dowling standing bow watch while underway. 
He was the coxswain of the Commodore's Gig.

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I do remember these guys. They are the N. Carolina bunch.
From left to right is George Shannon from Wilmington, N. C.;
then there is me (Bill Hagwood) and the other is Harold Hayes from
Gastonia, N. C. the mate sitting on the stanchion is
Bob Henderson from Florida. He was in boot camp with me.
Man we really thought we were SALTY.

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These two guys were two of the craziest that I have ever known.
On the left is Joe K. Villaneuva GM3 &  E. Chavez SK 3
that came aboard after I (Bill Hagwood) made 2nd class.
I remember that he was a fun guy to be with and we Went
on liberty together. As a matter of fact, we almost fought
over the same bar maid in San Diego when I was about to be
released from the regular navy. I wasn't going to tell her
that I was leaving San Diego and he thought that I should.

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This was taken in the deck division crew's quarters in the stern of the
ship. I recognize James N. Conklin, Bob Dowling, coxswain of the gig,
and me (Wm. Hagwood) I am in the lower right.
I cannot remember the names of the others.

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This was when I (John Nida) was a mess cook
(l-r) Bob Henderson, Grady Peek, John Nida
Japan 1953

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John Nida 
Exec. Officer Halback said I could grow a beard but not a mustache
Japan 1953