Shipmates Page 3


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Joe. K. Villaneuva, GM3


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This is Bill Hagwood (r) along with one of the quarter masters.

I think that his name was Lovely. He had quarter master watch

on the Conn. and I was the Conn. phone talker for that watch.

We were on the way back to San Diego from Japan in 1951.


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Bill Hagwood

At sea Enjoying the Cruise


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John Nida


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The man standing may be Rex Hale BM1

Now you know why we are called swabbies.


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E. Chavez, CS3

Clowning around as usual. This time on one of the 40 MM's.


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This is Bill Hagwood just after he reported to the ship.

 Seaman Deuce in 1951. This was taken on the port side 

single 40 MM gun tub on the main deck.


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This is a couple of TNs from the ship. At the time we

had a Republic of Korea Navy DE to nest with us 

alongside somewhere. The DE was one of our old DEs

that was turned over to the Korean Navy.


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E. Chavez, CS3

This is the clown on the ship.