Shipmates Page 4

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Bill Hagwood 1951 on the way back to the States from Japan. 
He had not been placed in the Supply office at the time and had to 
stand deck watches. He was just out of Boot Camp for 3 months.

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Rex Hale BM3 at the helm of a LCVP

This photo reminds me of the time we were coming back from Liberty.

Most of us were pretty well gassed and standing in the tank deck.

The FN was sitting on the Splash Board straddling the flag or stern

light pole . It was a very dark night. The Coxswain didn't see a buoy

and hit it head on. The FN sheared off the the pole and landed in the

tank deck with us drunks who were struggling to get back to our feet

and swim for it if need be.
It turned out that everything was OK and we returned to the ship.  JN

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E. Chavez coming out of one of the compartments to the main deck.

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Toney F. Castro,   he was hell on a 
20 MM gun. He didn't miss many times.

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Do not remember the names.

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Some of the stewards
clowning around the TNs compartment.

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Wayne E. Fowler

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