Shipmates Page 5

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Rex Hale and Ray Delancey


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Taken in the after crews compartment,

 left to right Rex Hale, James E Normand and C E Warren.

 Some time in early 1953.

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Hayworth on the left. He was a SK striker. The other is
Grady Peek and I think that he was a coxswain on one of
the LCVP's. The LST in the background is the LST 1101
and it was taken off of the coast of Japan. Note that you
can see the snow capped Mount Fuji in the far background.
Picture was taken in 1954.

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This was before Halback was XO and Don Behrens was
the XO at the time which was sometimes in early 1953.
But we were at sea for quite a while and we were allowed
to grow beards then. A lot of us tried, and this is the first
one that I ever grew.

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Everett Jones first class corpsman. 
Was taken off the coast of Korea or Japan.

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This was taken in January 1953 when we transported a unit of Marines
from San Diego to Kaneohe, Hawaii. We went from there on over to
Japan and Korea. I don't know if the Marines stayed in Hawaii or not.
They did leave our ship in Hawaii with their equipment. I do not know
what the Marines names are but can identify the white hats. Kneeling
is Hayworth. (l-r) Grady Peek, A Marine and Charles E. Morris
Back row is Marine and to his left is Floyd Irby and he was a FN.

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This is that Hagwood guy again. You would think that the guy that had
the camera would not be in so many pictures!! Do not remember when
or where except that we were at sea at the time.

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This is of Bill Hagwood and Hayworth. He was a 
SK striker. In the background is 
LST-1101 and Mount Fuji.


Edgar Miles

Edgar E. Mills