Shipmates Page 6


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Bob Dowling and his gig


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This is Bill Prentice on liberty at Waikiki Beach.

In the background over his right shoulder is the

Royal Hawaiian Hotel. I haven't been back to

Hawaii since 1955 but I am certain that whole

strip is now nothing but hotels


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Bill Hagwood on the beach at Waikiki. 

Bill Prentice took the picture.


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This is a silhouette of Bill Hagwood with the

LST 1073 in the background.


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Everett Jones HM1 First Class Corpsman

  The LST 1073 is in the background.

Notice how calm the ocean is.


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Everett Jones HM1


Don German

July 27th, 1953 the day that the Korean War

ended.  Don was with the flag compliment,


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John Nida, ??, ??