Shipmates Page 7

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Harvey Ayers, Ship's Yeoman on the left. Harvey 
was from SouthCarolina & Charles E. Morris SN.

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Charles E. Warren, BMG1

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Marine troops having fun. Somewhere in the Pacific they used a lasso to
capture this albatross. That was one mad gooney bird. He was released
before the cooks could get him in the pot.

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Everett Jones, Bill Hagwood, Grady Peek, and then
there is Tonsillitis Jackson inside the 40 MM gun tub.
Do not recognize the mates in the watch cap also in the gun tub.

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This 40 MM gun crew is at battle stations but I do not recognize
anyone in the picture. I must have been taking this shot from the aft
fire control tower. At one time I was the phone talker at that tower
and just happened to have the camera with me during this time.

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Marshall F. Gilliam & Rex Hale


jdkuper.jpg (15274 bytes) jjkuper.jpg (26976 bytes) 

James D Kuper on the left and I can't remember the man on the right. 

The other picture is Jerome J Kuper. The picture with J D Kuper was

 in Sasebo when we were in dry dock 1953 J D and J J were brothers. 


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Pearl, Feb. 1951. l to r , Hugh R. Longbrake,

 Linus Brown, Rex Hale, Marlin D. Leas