Dry-dock in Japan

drydock1.jpg (91303 bytes)
This shows what the rear end of a LST looks like while sitting in dry
dock in Sasebo, Japan. Still don't know why I don't have a picture 
of the "1090" We were in the dock at the same time.

drydock5.jpg (20717 bytes)

Bill Hagwood, standing with the port propeller.  We were in dry dock in
      Japan.  I think that it was in Sasebo but cannot remember the year.  

drydock2.jpg (87524 bytes)
This is James Walthall, RM3
standing in a dry dock with the LST 836 in the background.

drydock3.jpg (59220 bytes)
This was also taken in dry dock. 
I cannot identify the painter that is hanging over the side.

drydock4.jpg (73678 bytes)
This is the "1090" in dry dock in Sasebo Japan.
Starboard Screw & Rudder