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USS Russell County

LST 1090

My name is Kevin Killman and I have been looking at the website for the "USS Russell County - LST 1090". My father served in the Navy from Jan 1955 to June 1958 and was a part of this ship.  His name is Hosea P. Killman and he is still living.  He lives  in Springdale, AR and is not in the best of health.  We were visiting him in June of this year and he, for the first time told me all about his time in the service.  I served for 20 years myself, in the Army, and it was an honor to finally get to hear some of his stories.  I wish I could have found some pictures of him on the website, but was not able.  He will be excited that I was able to print some pictures for him, as all of his pictures were lost.  His name is misspelled in the Muster Rolls.  There are 2 L's in Killman.  If you could please have that corrected.  Thank you and God Bless

Kevin Killman
" Still Working Hard for You "

Ron Coker, Maui Hawaii 

I served on the 1090 in 1953 and 1954. I was discharged in San Diego in 1954. I settled in Alameda Ca.

I got married in 1956 and was married for 10 years and had 4 children. I divorced and remarried to a lady with 2 children, and we had one together. So, between the two marriages I had 7 children. They “begat” 13 grand children, and they “begat” 5 Great Grand Children and there is where it stands today.

I moved to Maui in 1988. I started an Insulation Contracting company here in 1990 and am still running it, but am semi-retiring this year.

I turned 79 on May 2nd and think its about time.

I really enjoyed my time aboard the 1090 and all the good friends I spent time with.

Ray Harrell. I came on board the LST 1090 in San Diego in 1952

Wayland Irby Elk Grove, Calif.

Hello Out there...Or Ahoy mates...My e-mail address is as

 would like to hear anyone who served on board the LST 1090  between 1954 1958

Dennis Hennegan

USS RUSSELL COUNTY, LST 1090 / 1958-1959, USS Renville APA227, USS Tirante  SS420, USS Andrew Jackson SSBN619, Submarine School Instructor Charleston, USS Leahy DLG16, USS Sampson DDG10, Navcomsta Key West, Navfac Argentia Newfoundland, USS Albany CG10, OinC Navaids Support Unit Fort Story VA, USS Eisenhower CVN69.

Years of Service: 24

Do it again? If only I could! Had a good career from SA to LCDR. Now retired 31 1/2 years

Comment: Tour on Russell County was a blast and remembered fondly! Anybody remember the trip to Japan with 9 tons of White Phosphorus on the Main deck, a tank deck full of Ammo and a typhoon? I remember Ltjg Mark Riley asking me how I'd like to be the first ET in orbit? Great shipmates all Ops, Deck, Engineering and Supply

Feel free to edit as necessary. One heck of a nice web site and a real joy to visit. Great work!!!

Sincerely, Dennis Hennegan

Ivan H. Harris, EN2,

Served on the 1090 from July 1951  through Oct. 1954.

I would like to hear from any of those that I served with.

Yes I would do it all over again but would change a few of the bad habits I had. 

I was very close to P.V. Holzman and Little Mac from Louisiana.

I understand they are both deceased.  Correct me if I am wrong.  Keep up the good work, Ivan