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Main gate of the US Naval Station
Yokosuka, Japan


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This was taken in Sasebo, Japan at the bar that we all hung out,
cannot remember the name of it. Left to right: Lawrence Snyder the cook.
In the middle is the Russian, Michael Rushak and then there is Ron Coker.
Cannot identify those in the background.


lst005.jpg (13413 bytes)

Left to right holding glass is Carl Schuster, YN3 with the
Flag Division; Don't know the name of the bar maid; then
there is Ron Coker and Bill Hagwood. In the lower corner
trying to get out of the way of the camera is James Overcast.


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Ron Coker at the Kasbah night club in Sasebo


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Ron Coker at the Grand Shima in Yokosuka


emcluby0.jpg (17357 bytes)

The Enlisted Men's Club
Yokosuka, Japan


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??, Jim Normand, Girl, Bob Hough, ?? 


norm_14.jpg (18333 bytes)

Dale Parks, Geisha, Ray Owen, Jim Normand, Gilbert Byrd


emcluby1.jpg (15046 bytes)

??, ??, ??, Ronald Kimbler

When I came aboard in 1951 These are four of the first
class POs that were aboard ship and I do not remember
all of the names. Picture was taken at the EM club in
Yokosuka in November 1951.


geisha.jpg (21118 bytes)

This was taken in Tokyo in 1951 of the Geisha.

I don't know if they were changing shifts or just going to work.


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Andrew Nelson an Eskimo from Egegik Alaska & John Nida

Japan 1953


prey.jpg (71205 bytes)

Left, Phillip Otto Prey & John Nida

Japan 1953