Liberty in Japan Page 2



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This is Dr. E. L. Cashman who was the flag doctor for LST Div-34

and assigned to the LST-1090. I'm not sure, but I think that "Doc"

was a heart surgeon from Boston. I bet he did more circumcisions

on our ship that he did heart jobs in Boston. Picture was taken at

Sasebo in the club. This is an indications of how close our crew was,

off ship, the officers were just shipmates.


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Dale Parks, BTFN 

This was at the same dance club in Sasebo, Japan.


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Now we all know why Snyder was AOL so much while in Sasebo.

This was taken at the dance club there.


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Carl Schuster, flag yeoman. Was taken in Sasebo dance club.


japan023.jpg (66608 bytes)

This is back side of Carl Schuster dancing with his partner. 

I do not recognize the mate in the background.


japan024.jpg (75794 bytes)

Ron Coker and his dance partner taken at the same club

in Sasebo. Don't remember the year.


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James Overcast This was taken at the popular night club

in Sasebo Japan that our crew liked to hang out in.


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Left is Fred E Long, ? , right is Rex Hale.

 Beppu Japan, 1951. R and R


japan027.jpg (8071 bytes)

Girl, Dale Parks


crew25.jpg (18586 bytes)

Lawrence Snider CS3 sitting in a night club.

Carl Schuster is standing with the Segrams bottle


japan028.jpg (14272 bytes)

Carl Schuster and Ray Owen.

I think it was taken on the streets of Sasebo, Japan.

Best that I remember the "Kasbah" night club was there in Sasebo