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Sights and Souvenirs from

John Keena, Jim Normand & John Nida

Souvenirs from John Keena

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Order of the Golden Dragon


Thanks Giving Dinner 1952

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The KOJE RAM, Koje-do Korea

Interesting information about POW Camp #1

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Souvenirs from Jim Normand

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Order of the Golden Dragon


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This is the palace in Seoul Korea. It was the only place not shot all to hell.

Neither side would fire on the palace.  They took us by bus to Seoul and we

visited this palace. There was not a stone out of place compared to the rest

of Seoul that was demolished


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The Mayor of Seoul's House


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Destroyed Buildings in Inchon


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We made the Big Bucks

back then


E M Club Dance Tickets EM Club Yokosuka Japan

Souvenirs from Carr Lee Durden 1960

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Domain of the Golden Dragon


Souvenirs from John Nida 1953


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The currency we used called script 10


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Korean 10 Hwan note


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1 yen note


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10 yen coin


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5 yen coin


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10 yen note


Conversion chart in 1953


The front of $ to chart