Officers Country

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This is of LTJG Jim Neyland. I think that he was taking
my picture the same time that I was taken his. He was a
super guy. I think that he was an Ensign at the time right
out of school. Not much older than we were. He reported
on board 12/53 as Ensign and was still on the ship when
I left her. He was First Lieutenant or Deck Officer.

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This is LTJG W. W. Prentice (Bill) Was Engineering Officer,
Reported on board as a Ensign March 53 and was still there
June 55. He was same age as we were and a very good friend
of mine. His sister was JoAnn Prentice, Ladies Professional
Golfer on the circuit. Bill was from Birmingham, Alabama.
When the LPGA came to Raleigh several years after my
discharge, I went out to the Raleigh Country Club and met
her when she was in the tournament. I lost contact with Bill
after I was discharged and have not been able to locate him
since. In 1954 prior to going on WestPac I had my auto out
in San Diego, a 1953 Chevy and drove it home. Bill was
suppose to come as far as Birmingham but they would not
approve his leave so I brought a bunch of his belongings to
his home and got to meet his parents when I dropped them off.

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This is Valente and Neyland. Valente was either a Gunners
Mate or a Boatswains Mate cannot remember which.

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This is either Ens. Kim Bong Duck of the ROK Navy
who was aboard in training during 1953 or LTJG K.
K. Matsumoto, the flag medical officer that replaced
Dr. Cashman. He was an American Japanese in the USN.
He came aboard in 1953 when Dr. Cashman left.
I think that the Korean officers wore the same uniform
as the American since we furnished most all the clothing
to them as well as equipment. I don't know about the
insignia on the cap. This is USN so I must assume that it
is the medical officer and not the Korean.

Dr. E. L. Cashman

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Woodie Stegall