LST 1090



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By Terry Whipple 1957 - 1959


By Carr Durden

By Carr Lee Durden 1959 - 1960


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Photo by "Gerald (Jerry) Ebel" while serving aboard the USS Southerland, DDR-743.

The photo was taken in Kobe, Japan Oct. 18. 1955. Taken from port side of his ship just 

behind the 5 inch 38 gun mount. They were  tied up right behind the "1090 & 1122" 

They were having open house on their ship and had visitors on board.

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The first tour to Korea in 1951.

"The 1090 taken from the deck of the LST 822.  It was 1951

and we were on our way to Japan or Korea.  I think there was a dozen LST's

recommissioned from the moth ball fleet in Oregon.  I went aboard the 822 at

Bremerton, Washington. "Warren Ward, DC2 LST-822 

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At General Quarters (Battle Stations) 


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Ship Yard maybe Long Beach, Calif.
Possibly 1952

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On the beach offloading troops, 
Location & date unknown.

Kojedo Korea 1953

The 1090 and 1096 after we unloaded prisoners

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On the beach in
San Diego, Calif. 1946


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In the process of putting up a new site for the outfit my Grandfather
served in during WWII One of the photos I scanned  was
a group shot of  4 LST'S unloading...would have been in the
Philippines between '45 and '46.    Mike Blades