This poem is by William "Bill" Hagwood SK1
Written in 1953 while aboard the "LST 1090"
Bill still has the original and it was written on
the 1090's stationery. There has been one change.
The original had the word "Sailor" in the next to
last line and he has since replaced that with the
word "Gator". We never heard the word "Gator"
used when we were on the ship. The new term for
the amphibious Force is "Gator Navy"


I've been sitting here thinking of the 
things I left behind,
And I hate to put on paper what is
running through my mind.
I've dredge a million bilges and I've
chipped ten miles of paint,
And a meaner place this side of Hell
Well, there simply ain't.
But there is one consolation,
gather close and I will tell;
When we die, we'll all go to Heaven,
For we've spent our time in Hell.

We've stood for endless hours
while waiting for our mail,
We've stood a million watches and
have been on all details.
We've scrubbed a million mess halls
and peeled a billon spuds,
We've lashed ten million hammocks
and washed our dirty duds,
The number of inspections stood
is very hard to tell,
There will be no such place in Heaven
For we've served our time in Hell.

We've cruised thousands of miles
and made five hundred ports,
We've often spent the night in jail
just trying to be good sports.
But when the final taps are sounded
and the whole damn thing is over,
We'll take our final shore leave
and know that we are in clover.
For the Angels will welcome us
And the harps will begin to play;
We can sign a million pay chits
to be spent in just one day.
It's then that we'll hear Saint Peter
Greet us loudly with a yell;