LTJG W. W. Prentice, USNR wrote this poem January 1, 1955
as he was standing mid watch and recorded it in the ship's logbook
at 0001 hours of the New Year. The ship was at sea. LTJG Prentice
was serving as Engineering Officer at that time.

The good ship LST-1090 is underway,
From Inchon, Korea to Japan, in Sasebo Bay;
In accordance with CTF90 of 090119Z Dispatch to heed,
Steering base course 185 T&G, All ahead full, 10.4 knots is the speed.

are taking the trip,
With material condition BAKER (modified)
set throughout the ship.

Now here to all men
Wearing the Navy Blue,
A Happy New Year is wished,
To All Of You.