Ens. E. F. Rogers, USNR, wrote this poem January 1, 1953 as he was 
standing mid watch and recorded it in the ship's logbook at 0001 hours
of the New Year. Ens. Rogers was serving as the Supply Officer at that time.

The USS Landing Ship Tank 1090
Is held to pier five, so strong and mighty;
By twelve parts manila and two parts wire,
With watch so alert to guard against fire.

She's starboard side to the pier so good,
To give us the services it alone could;
There's steam and water, that's really the best,
Their power and telephone give us the rest.

That's the mooring status except the location,
Is San Diego, U. S. Naval Station.
The watch is the "Mid" and what do you bet?
Material BAKER is securely set.

SOPA's ComAirPac, U. S. Naval Air Station,
Ships present are many, no exaggeration;
They include yard and district and civilian craft too,
But most, the Pacific Fleet of the Red, White, and Blue.