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LST  1090



Mini Reunion's



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Terry Whipple--Cory & Wayne Weber--Linda Whipple



April 17 2008

Statesville, NC

Bill Hagwood, Eldon (AL) Irby & Doug Moore

Wives Sarah Hagwood & Elsie Moore

Bill, Eldon, Doug

Bill, Eldon, Doug 

Doug, Eldon

Doug, Eldon

Bill, Doug, Eldon

Bill, Doug, Eldon


Doug V. Moore

Doug V. Moore

Eldon AL Irby

Eldon AL Irby

Eldon AL Irby

Eldon AL Irby


Sarah, Esie, Doug, Eldon

Sarah, Esie, Doug, Eldon

Doug, Elsie, Eldon

Doug, Elsie, Eldon


Eldon (Al) Irby who lives in Lubbock, Texas flew up to see Doug V. Moore who lives in Statesville, NC. and is spending the week with him.  Doug called me last week to tell me of Al's visit and invited me up to join them for a day.  I went yesterday, April 17 which happened to be my 76th birthday and took Sarah with me to visit with Doug's wife while Doug and Al and I talked.  It really was a great day.  We all talked and looked at the photo album that I took with me that includes all the photos that I have from our navy days and then we went out to eat lunch at a local restaurant.  Afterwards we came back to Doug's house and talked for a couple of more hours before I left for home at around 5:30 for my three hour drive back home. We really had a great day.  Bill Hagwood



May 9, 2005

North Carolina

Harvey Ayers  & Bill Hagwood.......................Harvey & Nancy, Bill & Sarah

Harvey Ayers  & Bill Hagwood        Harvey & Nancy, Bill & Sarah



January 2003, 

Washington State 

Terry Whipple and Grant Barber

Terry Whipple and Grant Barber



September 9, 10, 11, 2002

Washington chapter of the LST Association

Held in Olympia, WA.

Washington State LST Association


On an RVing trip through the Northwest I made contact with Terry Whipple while in Washington State. He told me about the annual Washington LST Association meeting in Olympia. So I headed to a RV park 5 miles south of Olympia. It turned out to be on Terry's way to the meeting. Terry picked me up for two days of the meeting and two days of interesting conversation and took me to the best Hamburger stand in Centralia, WA. I meet lots of very nice people at the meeting and had a great time. The dinner and entertainment were excellent. The highlight of the two days was seeing Jack Keena and Tom Padgett again after almost 50 years.


John Nida, Jack Keena, Tom Padgett

John Nida, Tom Padgett, Jack Keena, Terry Whipple

Terry Whipple, John Nida

John Nida,

Jack Keena,

Tom Padgett

Nida, Padgett,

Keena, Whipple

Terry Whipple,

John Nida



2002 in Florida 

Bill Hagwood

Jim Normand

Martha Normand

Bill, Sarah Hagwood

Martha, Jim Normand

Sarah Hagwood

Bill Hagwood, Jim Normand

Martha Normand, Bill & Sarah Hagwood

Martha & Jim Normand, Sarah Hagwood



February 26, 2000

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Terry Whipple & Wayne Webber



2000 in Oregon  

Padgett, Overcast, German, Keena

T. T. Padgett

J. L. Overcast

Don German

John R. Keena



July 1993 Yelm, WA.

ames Overcast-John Keena-Bill Conrad-Tom Padget

James Overcast-John Keena-Bill Conrad-Tom Padget 



June 1993 Lehigh, IA.

Paul (Pogo) O'hearn-Bill Conrad-Louis Conrad

Paul (Pogo) O'hearn-Bill Conrad-Louis Conrad