LST 1090

Liberty in San Diego

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This was taken in the Gay Paree Bar in San Diego. I think it was
in 1952 or early 53. We had been up to Fort Ord and picked up some
Army personnel and their equipment for a few war games and
amphibious exercises out at Coronado and San Clemente Island.
We came into San Diego during that time and nested with several
other "Ts" out in the harbor. All of the Army aboard could not get
liberty but some of them could. In order to get one of the Army guys
off the ship, we dressed him out in my navy blues since we were both
the same size and sneaked him ashore. Our quarter deck thought that
he was leaving one of the other ships in the nest and didn't check his ID.
The other Army guy was a cook and he could get liberty. We had
checked previously to see if they were checking closely and thought we
could pull off the trick. It so happened that it went off as planned.
No one but us ever knew.

Top Row left to right is Bob Hough, Ships Serviceman;
Army cook (don't remember his name);
Justine, a waitress at the Gay Paree and Bill Hagwood.
Bottom Row left to right is: Bill Martin, the Army guy in my uniform,
Alan Gerard, Storekeeper; Don Crowley; and John Houser.

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Taken in the Gay Paree Bar in San Diego.
From left to right on top row: 
Ray Owen, Ship's Cook 
Cecil Johnson, Storekeeper 
3rd Class Boatswains is unknown 
Bottom row: 
Bob Hough, Ship's Serviceman (laundry) 
Gilbert Harry, Ship's Cook.

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Copper and his wife or wife to be at Mission Beach.
The guy on the right of Copper is a Quartermaster that was with the
Flag on the ship but I cannot remember his name.

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Copper was a Quartermaster in ship's company. He was from Richmond,
Va. That is his wife with him but I cannot remember if they had already
married or were about to get married. Bill Hagwood on the right.

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This is Schuster and me and the civilian friend of ours. I cannot remember
his name but he worked at the airline there in San Diego. He lived on Point
Loma right off of Rosecrans that went by the training center. When we went
to sea I always parked my car at his house and he looked after it for me.
I remember this day very well as we had been up to the mountains and played
in the snow and then drove back down to Mission Beach and went swimming
all in the same day.

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This is Carl Schuster, Flag Yeoman. (left) He is at Mission Beach with some 
civilian friends from San Diego. I cannot remember their names. Several of 
us were having a beach party at the time.

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John Nida 1952


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27th street landing


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Downtown San Diego, Ca