LST 1090

Ships Operations - Page 1

1950 - 1955

Japan & Korea

shipop00.jpg (15196 bytes)
This is a Marine LVT coming alongside after being launched from the
open bow of the ship. They would form a circle on the starboard side 
until all were launched and then form the wave for the assault landing.

shipop01.jpg (17104 bytes)
Disembarking troops, in full battle dress. Best I remember, this was
the real thing. Getting ready for an assault landing at Inchon Korea.

shipop2.jpg (15371 bytes)
More Disembarking troops looks like the water is a little rough. 
Same landing as picture above.

shipop03.jpg (12621 bytes)
Loading vehicles I don't know exactly where we were when this was taken. 
Sasebo or Inchon or in Japan somewhere.

shipop04.jpg (18945 bytes)
Loading vehicles Same location as above.


atsea01.jpg (15426 bytes)

Turning into the channel leading to

Yokosuka, Japan


atsea02.jpg (14279 bytes)

Going into Yokosuka, Japan


shipop07.jpg (11096 bytes)
Look close and you can see that it is the "1090" next to the pier with two
other LST's along side. This must have been taken in Yokosuka Japan.

shipop10.jpg (34906 bytes)
Here we go approaching a quay wall in Pusan, Korea either to pick
up or off load. Don't remember which. We did this so many times

norm_08.jpg (12615 bytes)

Inchon, Korea Harbor

agc11.jpg (74640 bytes)
This ship was the USS Eldorado, AGC-11. It was the flagship for Rear
Admiral W. E. Moore who was Commander Amphibious Group 1 of
which we were under. Also it was the flagship for Vice Admiral T. G.
Settle, Commander Amphibious Forces Pacific Fleet who was in charge
of Operation Big Switch and Little Switch. The picture was taken from
our LCVP and we were in port in Sasebo at the time. I recognize the
mate going on liberty but cannot remember the name. By the way,
this ship was built by the North Carolina Shipbuilding Co. in Wilmington,
N. C. in 1943. Now you know why I had so much interest in it.

lsm268.jpg (84928 bytes)
The LSM-268 It was taken as she came along our side somewhere
in the Pacific. We strung a high line to her and transferred mail or
movies while underway. Do not remember the year.