LST 1090

Shipping out for Japan

The Navy Pier at Broadway

Landing In San Diego, CA. 1954


We are shipping out to Japan and Korea via Hawaii.

The mate in dress blues waving the cap is flag yeoman

first class Marion Webb. He was not making the cruise

 with the ship. I don't remember if he later joined the ship

 or  transferred off.  I think that he later joined the ship. 


Part of the crew friends and family seeing us off.

The blonde that is the fifth person down from the

yeoman is the only one that I recognize and she is

Copper's wife. Copper was a quartermaster from

Richmond, Virginia and had married a local San Diego girl. 



The Marine band giving us a send off. We had a

marine detachment aboard with their equipment

of trucks and trailers. Don't remember tanks. But

they could have had LVTs down on the tank deck.

We left on October 11, 1954, bound for Kaneohe,

T. H. then to Pearl Harbor on to Yokosuka.


Marine and Navy brass that were

there on the dock when we left.