Other Ships


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This is one of the prettiest ships afloat. It is the Hospital Ship 
Consolation in the Yellow Sea at Inchon, Korea in 1953. At the 
same time there was another hospital ship in harbor that was 
named the Jutlandia and it was from either Finland or Holland. 
It was much prettier than the Consolation and had three tall masts
like a sailing ship but I failed to get a picture of her.


Dear Sir.. I can inform you that the ship "Jutlandia" came from Denmark and not Holland or Finland. I think it took 3 turns during the war.. A normal ship was turned into a hospital from bottom to top, The seamen, the medical staff, doctors and nurses was all volunteers - and the made a hell of a job out there...ask your veterans, who tried the "service".

The ship is something l feel, we in Denmark, can be proud of.

Bent Hornbech


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Another picture of the Consolation. At the time 
she was swinging at anchor in Inchon Harbor. I think about 1953.

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This is a picture of the carrier USS Wasp, CV-18. I don't know 
if this was taken in Sasebo, Japan or Inchon, Korea.

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A freighter passes at sea somewhere out in the Pacific. 
We were all traveling from Hawaii to Japan.

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USS Wisconsin BB-64 
While she was at anchor in Sasebo, Japan

By Bill Hagwood

USS Blue, passing us on the way into Sasebo Harbor


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Battleship USS New Jersey, Sasebo, Japan


Photo by Whipple, T.A. & Weber, W. A.

USS Hornet  CVS-12---Possibly Yokosuka 1957


Photo by Whipple, T.A. & Weber, W. A. Photo by Whipple, T.A. & Weber, W. A.

USS Rochester  CA-124--1957