The story behind THINK, ACT. March, 1951

After 1090 arrived in Yokosuka, Japan ,we off loaded our cargo,

a LSU off the main deck and pontoons from the tank deck and

from each side of the ship. We then went over to Yokohama to

unload cargo we had picked up in Pearl that was under guard.

After it was unloaded they told us it was whiskey.


That run to Yokohama put us late to load the 101st Signal Battalion.

When we beached beside the 1101 they were loaded and getting ready

to pull off. There was a lot of loud talk coming from 1101 of how slow

we were. Several hours later as we got underway the navigator took us

through the islands instead of going around. It was extra work on everyone

but no one complained.                                                                                   


We were on the beach at Inchon and unloaded when the 1101 arrived. 


The next day I found "THINK, ACT" pinned on the bulletin board as

I was putting up a letter from the draft board, I had been drafted.

I was 18 at that time.                                                                          


There were three draft calls and five Dear Johns on the board that day.

Rex Hale